Degree thesis index and formatting: small efforts, great results

The degree thesis index is a sore point for many undergraduates. How you do it? What is it for? Why?

Desperation hovers around the dreadful index of the thesis, perhaps to be completed in a hurry, hammered by the imminent bureaucratic deadlines. If you are thinking of good wolves in time, or if you are a last-minute “indexer” …

To you a simple, effective and automatic method to set the thesis index using formatting styles.

You’ve surely heard of them, seen them and ruthlessly ignored them from the first day you started using Word. The main function of text formatting styles is to simplify life. If you want to know more read HERE.

The incredible utility, in our case, is to bend them to our forbidden desires.

Create an automatic index!

With simple settings, you will have an easy-to-update index every time you change something in the thesis.

That’s how:

Let us assume that you have already started writing a few chapters of the thesis. You must now decide how to format: chapter titles, sub-title titles and paragraph titles (or all subtitles, sub-points, sub-headstocks you are interested in appearing in the index).

On the HOME screen of Word (or any writing program) you will find the styles section. Open the settings and select> New style.

Select: Style based on:

> Title1 (for chapter titles).

> Title2 (for sub-chapters).

> Title3 (for the titles of the paragraphs).

For each one you can customize the font, size, color, etc.

Once you’ve created your own formatting styles, apply them to titles, subtitles, etc. Just stay on the HOME screen> select, for example, “Chapter 1” and click on> Style 1 … and so on for the whole document.

Now it’s up to the index, but the bulk of the effort has already been done:

Insert> Indexes and TOC> Summary

(I know, we are doing the index, but Word and friends of snacks call the analytical “Index” and “Summary” the index we need. If you have doubts about this read HERE.)

Here you can choose the type of index and change it as you like. You can also choose whether to add other levels in addition to the 3 we created today. (Obviously, in that case, you will have to create other styles to apply).

A nice click on> OK and the index of your degree thesis will magically appear at the top of the page !!!

Now, as you continue writing your Divine Comedy, all you have to do is apply your custom styles to the titles of the various sections. All you need is a sloth effort to update the index:

Position yourself on the index> right click> Update Field> Update entire summary.

End of suffering!

I know, it sounds very complicated. But with this little initial slamming you’ll have great satisfaction! Think, for example, when you add, remove, change things in your thesis (and you will do it over and over). If you have been smart enough to follow this advice, you will not have to recheck and manually change the poor index.

If you want to save time and avoid exhaustion, DO NOT absolutely do the index by hand! The thesis fairy is worse than Santa Claus, he watches you and judges you.